Blazing the Trail While Charting a New Course in Intensive


Dr. Dana Wolff-Hughes presenting the Keynote at the ILHBN Annual Meeting

Keynote: Blazing the Trail While Charting a New Course in Intensive Longitudinal Assessment Dr. Dana Wolff-Hughes, National Institute of Health, provided an inciteful keynote where she provided an historical perspective, identified what the Network has accomplished thus far as well as what is still needed moving forward. Dr. Wolff-Hughes noted that there have been:

  • Over 1,700 citations drawn from the ILHBN publications.
  • All of the ILHBN publications on PubMed to date have Relative Citation Ration (RCR) values well above 3.0.[1] These include work on Engagement, developing and tailoring approaches for new and existing digital biomarkers, harmonization standards, and more.

She closes out her Keynote by identifying “What’s Next”.  Some of these future directions include the development of new tools and digital biomarkers, room to improve recruitment and retention designs, enhancing training resources and workforce development approaches, and developing novel data sources, models, and methods.

[1] According to PubMed Index, “the Relative Citation Ration (RCR) measures the scientific influence of each paper by field-and time-adjusting the citations it has received, and benchmarking to the median for NIH publications, the value of which is set at 1.0.” chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/