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A study regarding the novel use of mHealth data to identify states of vulnerability and receptivity to Just-In-Time Adaptive Intervention (JITAI), designed to enhance real-time, real-world engagement in evidence-based self-regulatory activities.
A study designed to identify digital phenotypes of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, map the dynamic trajectories of suicidal thoughts and behaviors over time, and identify subjective and objective markers of short-term risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
A study designed to predict adverse events - mania/psychosis - prior to their occurrence by detecting changes in the behavior of at-risk patients.
A study on the Prediction of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Youth Using Intensive mobile sensing.
A study designed to assess differences in the micro-temporal processes underlying the adoption versus maintenance of behaviors.
Increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behavior.

The Center for Innovation in Intensive Longitudinal Studies (CIILS) brings together an interdisciplinary team to synergistically support and coordinate research activities across a diverse portfolio of U01 projects to accomplish the Network’s larger goal of sustained innovation in the use of Intensive Longitudinal Data (ILD) and associated methods in the study of health behavior change, and in informing prevention and intervention designs.